IBProvider integrates Wealth-Lab’s Orders and Accounts tools with IB TWS so that you can stage and place orders manually or automatically with Auto-Trading. To enable this feature, you must Authenticate your WLD session.

  1. Start TWS, and then,
  2. Launch WLD
  3. Authenticate WLD
  4. Select the default trading account in Preferences | Trading | Default Account.  Your IB Universal Accounts should appear here.  Or, you can assign your trading strategy using the Strategy Explorer’s “Set Account…” button.

Important! You must Authenticate Wealth-Lab Developer for Orders and Accounts tools to work!

Known bugs
  1. Accounts: Paper Trading
    Installing the IBProvider breaks the Paper Accounts.
  2. Accounts: Futures
    Cost Basis is the contract value, not the future’s contract price.  This makes the P/L calculation wrong.
  3. WealthSignals Trader
    Even if you’ve already authenticated, Wealth-Lab makes you authenticate again when Placing orders from the WealthSignals Trader.  To get around it, always Stage alerts from the WealthSignals Trader and then Place them from the orders page.