Carefully follow these instructions to download and install IBProvider:
  1. Request a free trial for a download link and activation code.
    Get Your Free Trial!
  2. Use the download link sent to your Email to save to your desktop or Downloads folder.
  3. Unzip the contents of to reveal IBProviderSetup.exe.
  4. Using a local Admin account, double click the setup file and follow the setup wizard’s instructions.

    It’s important that you install IBProvider in your Wealth-Lab installation folder.  By default, an English installation will be located at:

    • [64-bit] C:\Program Files\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6
    • [32-bit] C:\Program Files (x86)\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6
IBProvider is installed!  Now let’s set it up for the first use.
  1. Close Wealth-Lab if it’s open.

    TWS API Settings dialog
    Configure the TWS API Settings
  2. Launch IB TWS.
  3. Open the TWS Configuration (Edit | Global Configuration).
  4. Click API | Settings and put a check mark next to these options:
    • Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients
    • Download open orders on connection
  5. Socket port by default is 7496.
    (You can change the port if you have multiple clients connecting to TWS, but I’ll assume that you’ll leave it as 7496.)
  6. Other options may be configured as you require.
  7. Click OK.
Continue the setup on the next page: IB Manager