IB Broker and Data Provider for Wealth-Lab!

If you landed here it’s a good bet that you’re a trader who uses Interactive Brokers and Wealth-Lab.  We’ve used the IBProvider add-on for our own trading for several years, it’s stable, very useful, and now we’re offering it to you and other Wealth-Lab customers.

IBProvider allows you to:
  1. automate order entry
    • Manually place staged orders
    • Auto-Trade intraday
  2. use TWS data in Wealth-Lab* static and streaming charts.

*  Tested with Wealth-Lab Developer only.

IBProvider requires that you have installed:
  1. Wealth-Lab Developer 6.9 or higher
  2. IB TWS Build 956.x or higher
  3. TWS API Version 9.72.18
    You can download this or a later (beta) version from the IB, but we can only guarantee IBProvider compatibility with precisely API Version 9.72.18.   You can download it by clicking here: tws-api-install-972-18.  Unzip and install it by clicking the msi file.