What’s your return policy?

Return what?  Take the 10-day free trial to make sure IBProvider does what you expect it to.  Thereafter, you must purchase an annual license to continue using it.

Do I need to pay for IBProvider every year?

Yes, in order to support expected changes, upgrades, and fixes.

Can I request support?

Of course! But I've got a day job, so just make a post on the site and I'll try to answer within 24 to 48 hours.

Does IBProvider use, access or store my IB credentials?

No. IBProvider connects to TWS via the API (application programming interface).  You give access to clients like IBProvider by configuring TWS API Settings.

Does TWS need to be running to use IBProvider?

IBProvider requires that either the TWS or IB Gateway is running before you launch Wealth-Lab. If you're trading, I highly recommend that you use the TWS to ensure that orders are properly placed.  You can monitor them in the TWS API tab view.

Can I Auto-Trade using IBProvider with Wealth-Lab?

Of course! As long as you can Authenticate WLD and have adequately defined the contract(s) to trade, passing orders manually or automatically to IB TWS works great.

Does IBProvider work with options?

Yes, and this just got easier in IBProvider 1.03.  Make sure to create entries following the contract examples in symlo.txt.