Change Blog 1.3

Version 1.3.1 of IBProvider is ready!  Our apologies for not posting for a while, but here are all the changes and fixes since the last version posted:

  • Targets .NET Framework to 4.7.1
  • Added Trailing Stop $ and % extended order types to the Trade Ticket
  • Fixed snapshot quote so that you can get a quote for a symbol entered in the Trade Ticket (Ctrl+T)
  • Fixed Cancel/Replace order so that the original order status is marked as Canceled. Previously, the status stuck at CancelReplacePending.
  • Implemented PaperProvider pass-through logic.  Paper Trading should now be possible with IBProvider installed. If you don’t see Paper Accounts, add these keys to C:UsersWindows_LoginAppDataRoamingFidelity InvestmentsWealthLabDev1.0.0.0DataAccounts.txt
  • Additional SignalName Order Attributes.
ORDERREF: Any reference to identify orders, such as in flex reports. OCA: One Cancels All Enter a unique string in multiple orders such that when one order is executed, the other(s) will be canceled. Example:   Position p = LastPosition;   string uniquestring = “anything” + bar.ToString();   string signalName = string.Format(“OCA={0}|ORDERREF={1}|HIDE={2}”, uniquestring, “Strategy XYZ”, “1”)   SellAtStop(bar + 1, p, signalName);   SellAtLimit(bar + 1, p, signalName);  LIMIT: Limit price for Stop orders! Enter a limit price for stop orders to obtain a stop-limit order. LIMIT must be above stopPrice for Buy/Cover and below stopPrice for Sell/Cover, otherwise the order will be placed as Stop Market.  Example:  double stopPrice = 23.45;  BuyAtStop(bar + 1, stopPrice, “LIMIT=23.5”);
  • TimeSync now based on TWS time. Previously sync hit a web source for EST, which could have resulted in partial bars deleted from the chart when initializing streaming for non-EST TWS time zones.
  • Fixed crash that resulted from starting Quotes tool without having first Authenticated Wealth-Lab
  • Added option to allow quotes outside of market hours. This would let Quotes trigger prior to the market open, for example.
  • Fixed Accounts to de-dup the account and show the LocalSymbol.  Previously position messages were de-duped using only the Symbol (underlier), so futures and options were duplicated for each new Account Summary
  • Recognize format “!IBMyyMMddX123.5” as U.S. option symbol, where IBM is the underlying symbol, yyMMdd is the expiration date, and X is C (Call) or P (Put). With USD as the default currency in the IB Trade Manager, symbols using this format are not required to be entered in symlo.txt
  • Removed nuisance dialog for duplicate symbol found in symlo.txt

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