Change Blog – 1.04

Version 1.0.4 of IBProvider is ready!

  • Fixed localSymbol assignment precedence (for STK). If localSymbol is empty, use IBSymbol before WLSymbol
  • Trimmed symlo.txt fields after parsing
  • Corrected possible null reference when retrieving quote from the Trade Ticket, which also fixed the quote last price.
  • Improved snapshot quote response
  • IB Manager wasn’t saving Contract Default setting changes. Fixed.
  • MOO orders can be used for STK security types for any market. It works as follows:
    1. Configure Wealth-Lab STK symbols for their market in the Market Manager (MM)
    2. Important! The MM’s market opening and closing times must be with respect to your selected *TWS time zone*
    3. Market orders that are placed between the market close and 10 minutes prior to the market open will use time-in-force “OPG” instead of “DAY”.


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